Two American from the east coast found their drummer in the eastern suburb of London after having auditioned 7000 of them. They worked 9 months on of the 3 titles of this ep, which was released in limited edition in 1994.
The result is FABULOUS ! Absolutely !
The band explained in the sleeve why they refused to pay royalties for using samples. They encouraged artists to follow their policy. They had no success, neither with the music nor with the Free Sample movement. Too bad...
So i've decided to put it back on. I own number 0286. Those who have other numbers please let a message. Yeah ! Peace. And please check out new stuff by GGG (or Triple G., or Druggy G.) [], and nepO's [].

-Chenard Walcker-

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1 God Bless The Radio 4'06'' 2 Nailed 3'15''
3 God Bless Tha Hard Core 4'46''

Songs by Nepo/Greewald
Lyrics by Druggy G.
Produced by Marc Waterman & The Fuzz